First Day

Mashed Lentils-Cream Sauce Baked Potatoes

Boiled or Stewed Cabbage-salt and oil

Bread and Nut or Dairy Butter

Corn Pone or Water Corn Bread

Squash or Pumpkin Pie

Second Day

Vegetable Consomme-Soup Balls Peanut Pie Stewed Corn

Celery or Lettuce Mayonnaise Bread and Butter or Oil

Graham Sticks Tapioca Jelly or Apple Tapioca Pudding

Third Day

Succotash Rice-Lentil Gravy

Leavened and Unleavened Breads

Steamed Apple Dumplings-Creamy Sauce

Fourth Day

Mother's Soup-Cream Noodles

Trumese in Tomato Celery, Radishes or Green Onions

Squash Cutlets or Mashed Winter Squash

Apple and Banana Salad-Cream Dressing

Fifth Day

Baked Beans and Brown Bread Scalloped Potatoes

Pumpkin or Water Custard Pie

Nuts and Raisins

Sixth Day

Cream of Corn Soup-Pop Corn Celery

Gems and Oil, Cream or Butter

Quaker Pudding-Molasses, Maple or other Sauce

Seventh Day

Baked Macaroni-Cream Sauce

Green or Canned Peas Scalloped Tomatoes

Lettuce-Mayonnaise or Lemonade Dressing Fruit Bread or Buns Beaten Biscuit

Cream Pie or Gelatine Blanc Mange