Salt understood

Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled without liquid, rather soft, served hot or cold.

Hard boiled, while warm minced with fork and mixed with butter and salt.

Hard boiled, sliced, between slices of bread spread with thick, rich cream sauce; chopped parsley, with or without celery or onion.

Scrambled or hard boiled (if hard boiled, rubbed through wire strainer), mixed with improved mayonnaise dressing.


Chopped black walnut meats mixed with peanut butter which has been blended with a little water or tomato. Almond butter on bread, minced tarragon, drained red raspberry and ripe red currant pulp sweetened, between. Chopped almonds, basil, sliced or chopped peaches, sugar. Butternuts or pine nuts, rolled; bread, crackers or Boston brown bread. Nut butter, roasted or steamed, blended with water and mixed with chopped ripe olives, no salt. Nut butter blended with strained tomato and mixed with sliced ripe olives. Nut butter, roasted or steamed, water, chopped soaked dried olives, on crackers. Nut butter, and tomato pulp. Pine nuts, butter or rolled; tomato pulp, with or without chopped soaked dried olives, on crackers.


Trumese 2/3, nutmese 1/2, mince together with fork, add a little pdrd. leaf sage or fine sliced celery sometimes. Minced, between slices of bread spread with tart jelly. Sage sometimes. And celery salad, trumese minced and celery cut very fine. Minced and mixed with thick, rich cream sauce. Olive oil and lemon juice.


Or steamed nut butter, and cream (sweet or sour); mix to paste, add onion juice, and if desired, lemon juice; celery sometimes without lemon juice. Bread or crackers. Or unroasted nut butter, chopped or sliced onions and improved mayonnaise dressing. Minced, on bread, stewed green peas between. Sliced, on one slice of bread and tart jelly on the other, press together.

Ripe Olives

Sliced, between slices of bread spread with improved mayonnaise dressing. Also ripe olives and tomato, chopped, mixed with cracker dust.


Lima beans, mashed with butter. Peas, green, mashed very dry with celery or celery salt and cream. Beans, crushed or mashed, sliced cucumbers, oil; lemon juice sometimes. Chick peas or lentils, mashed, dry; mushrooms dried or fresh, cooked in a little water with butter, chopped, added with liquid to peas.

Cottage Cheese

Soft, creamy, with or without chopped or sliced ripe olives; white, whole wheat or Boston brown bread or crackers. Spread on slices of rye bread (made with or without caraway), with pecan meats between, with or without celery.

Boston Brown Bread

Whipped cream, butter or oil (not forgetting salt); sliced cucumbers. Brazil nut, almond or pine nut butter may be used. Roasted peanut butter and sliced figs or dates.


Tender fresh leaves, cut fine, a few delicate whole ones around edge, with any preferred dressing.