Buttered crumbs, the tomato pulp and salt: to this may be added grated onion or onion and sage. Cracker crumbs instead of bread are sometimes used.

Crumbs, chopped nuts or trumese or nutmese, garlic, onion and salt. Or, ripe olives and celery salt with chopped parsley in place of onion and garlic.

Boiled rice, onion, browned flour, melted butter, tomato pulp. Salt tomatoes well inside and sprinkle with chopped parsley after stuffing.

Soaked dried mushrooms chopped, butter, crumbs, tomato pulp, onion, salt.

Fresh mushrooms chopped, crumbs, cream or butter, salt.

Macaroni or spaghetti, tomato pulp, onion, butter, crumbs on top.

Left-overs of macaroni may be chopped slightly for filling, with small rings as top finish.

Always fill tomatoes to the top and finish with crumbs or something suitable.

Bake 10-30 m. (according to the filling, and the ripeness of the tomatoes) on oiled pans without water.