Gravy for Rhode Island Johnny Cakes

corn meal porridge, macaroni and rice.

1 tablespn. oil 1 level teaspn. white flour

1 teaspn. butter 1/2 cup water

1 level teaspn. browned flour salt a little powdered sage

Cream of Lentil Gravy

For rice, macaroni or cutlets of corn meal porridge.

1 cup mashed lentils 1 teaspn. flour

1 cup rich milk or thin cream salt

Thicken milk with flour blended with water and combine with lentils; heat. Add finely-sliced celery and chopped parsley for some dishes.

Nut and Lentil Gravy

1/2 cup lentils (large cup 1/4 - 1/3 cup strained tomato ful after cooking) 1/4 tablespn. nut butter

1 cup water

Mix nut butter with water and add with tomato to mashed lentils. Heat to boiling, strain through fine strainer, add salt.

Swiss Lentil Gravy

1 cup mashed lentils slices of onion

1-2 teaspns. browned flour 1 teaspn. white flour salt

Heat lentils, browned flour and onion together for 10 m.

Thicken with white flour stirred smooth with water. Add salt, strain, reheat.