Olive Sauce

2 tablespns. olive oil 1 tablespn. chopped onion 1 - 1 1/2 tablespn. flour 1 teaspn. browned flour

1 pt. water, milk, or raw nut butter milk (1 tablespn. raw nut butter cooked in water 20 m. to 1/2 hr.) 10-15 ripe olives

1-2 tablespns. lemon juice if desired

Prepare sauce in the usual manner and add sliced or chopped olives just before serving.

Olive and Nut Butter Sauce

For Rhode Island Johnny cakes, corn meal porridge, macaroni and potatoes.

Make thin cream of roasted nut butter, boil up, add chopped or sliced ripe olives and salt if necessary. A little tomato may be used.

For a cold sauce, stir nut butter smooth with tomato or water and add chopped olives.