Soak artichokes for several hours or over night, drain, cut stalks close, trim away the bottom leaves, clip the sharp points from the leaves or cut off the tops straight across. Boil in salted water, if possible with charcoal tied in piece of muslin, until tender enough for the leaves to draw out easily, 3/4 - 1 hour. Remove from water carefully with flat wire beater or small skimmer. Drain upside down; serve whole or in halves or quarters, with cream or egg cream sauce, drawn butter or sauce Américaine poured around; or on a napkin on hot platter or chop tray and pass sauce with them. Serve cold with French dressing.

It is a good plan to tie a strip of muslin around each artichoke before boiling to hold it in shape, and to put an inverted plate upon them while cooking to keep them down.


Wash and boil artichokes with the skins on until tender, 30-40 m. If they boil too long they may become tough. Drain, peel, and serve in rich cream sauce. They may be peeled before boiling.

A still better way is to peel artichokes cut them into thick slices and boil 15-20 m., then drain thoroughly and serve in cream, cream of tomato or onion cream sauce.

Not containing any starch, Jerusalem artichokes are suitable for salads, either cooked in slices and dried on a towel after draining, or used raw in thin slices.