Asparagus-Cream or Butter

Cook in short pieces as directed; drain or leave the water on (there should be but little); add without stirring a little heavy cream; bring just to the boiling point, remove from the fire, add more salt if necessary, shaking gently to dissolve it, and serve in vegetable dish with or without points of toast around the edge.

Butter may be substituted for cream.

Asparagus-Egg Cream Sauce

Lay cooked asparagus in small pieces on hot moistened toast of any desired shape, on tray or platter, and pour egg cream sauce, around. It may also be served the same with a nice rich cream sauce, or with either sauce in pastry crusts for Asparagus en Croustade.

Asparagus-Drawn Butter

On large, slightly moistened toast points on a platter, pile long pieces of asparagus cooked according to directions (enough for one serving on each piece of toast), the heads all one way, and put a generous spoonful of drawn butter on each. Or the sauce may be put on when serving.

Asparagus-Sauce Américaine and Spinach Leaves

Lay asparagus on hot platter with heads toward each end and stem ends just meeting in center; surround with border of salad leaves of spinach and place same across the asparagus where the stems meet. Serve leaves with asparagus, and pass sauce Américaine.