Carrots being among the most healthful vegetables should be used freely, and with a little care they may be made exceedingly palatable.

Unless very fresh, let carrots stand in cold water for some time before paring. When they are full grown, or late in the season, parboil them to remove the strong taste.

It will require from 20 m. to 1 1/2 hr. to cook carrots tender, according to the age and the sizes into which they are cut. A little chopped parsley makes a pretty combination with most of the dishes.


Scrape or pare carrots, cut into strips, grind in food cutter coarse or fine as preferred, cook in water until tender, add salt, boil, drain. Add a little cream, cream sauce, butter or oil, reheat, serve. Add a trifle of sugar to cream sauce or cream. Carrots may be ground or rubbed through colander after boiling.


Cut pared carrots into quarters, sixths or eighths, lengthwise, then across in quarter inch slices in the largest part and gradually thicker toward the small end; or if carrots are small and of uniform size they may be cut in whole round slices. Cook until tender, drain, and reheat with cream, or sauce 16 or 28, to each pint of which a teaspoonful of sugar has been added, or add butter and lemon juice, sauce 1, 2 or 34.

Carrots la Washington

1 qt. sliced or diced carrots 1 cup to 1 pint sliced onions 1/4 cup strained tomato

1/2 tablespn. browned flour 3/4 - 1 teaspn. salt 1 tablespn. raw nut butter if desired

Cook all together in a small quantity of water until carrots are tender and well dried out.

Pickled Carrots

Pour sauce 79, over sliced cooked carrots, cover and let stand for several hours.

Carrots and Peas-Better than either alone

Mix 1 part stewed carrots and 2 parts cooked green peas. Add cream or cream sauce, heat and serve.

Or, the carrots may be cooked in slices, laid overlapping around edge of flat dish, with peas piled in center and sauce poured around.

Carrots and String Beans

Equal quantities cooked string beans and carrots with cream or cream sauce. If preferred, the beans may be cooked whole and the carrots cut into strips.

Carrots and Onions

Pour hot cream over a mixture of stewed onions and carrots; heat and serve.

Carrots and Beets

Heat mixture for pickled carrots, add 1 part carrots and2 parts beets; serve as soon as hot. Butter, lemon juice and salt may be used instead of the dressing.

Carrots and Corn

To equal quantities of stewed carrots and corn add cream or thin rich cream sauce; heat, serve. If the corn is dried corn, especially dried yellow sweet corn, the dish is most delightful.

Carrots and Succotash

1 part each carrots and beans with 2 parts corn; season with cream or with milk and butter.