Shelled Green Beans

Wash beans before shelling and not after, cook in boiling salted water until tender, the time varying according to the variety. Allow plenty of time as beans are richer in flavor if simmered or kept hot for some time after they are tender.

They may be served with different sauces, but it seems too bad to spoil their delightful flavors with anything but salt, or a little cream or butter, nut or dairy.

Flowering Beans Green

The large pole beans with red and white blossoms have the richest flavor of all shelled beans. After shelling, put beans into cold water, let them heat slowly to the boiling point and boil 5-10 m. Drain, let cold water run over them in the colander.

Return to the fire with boiling salted water and cook until tender, considerably longer than other shelled beans. Serve plain, or with a little cream poured over and shaken (not stirred) into them a few minutes before removing from the fire. If one has the time to hull these and Lima beans, it may be done. To Hull-Boil beans about half an hour (or until the skins are loosened) in unsalted water. Drain and slip the hulls off with the thumb and finger.

Cook after hulling in double boiler or very gently on back of stove, adding seasoning before they are quite tender which will be in a much shorter time than with the hulls on.