Broiled Mushrooms

Remove stems, place in fine wire broiler, turn the gills first to the fire for 5 m., then the other side. Put a small piece of butter in the center of each mushroom, sprinkle with salt, broil 5 m. Lay carefully on to pieces of toast or thin toasted wafers or slices of broiled trumese, skin side up, and serve at once. Melted butter may be poured over mushrooms on toast instead of putting butter into them while broiling. Caps are sometimes dipped in salt and olive oil and broiled after standing in a cold place for an hour. The heat should not be too intense for broiling.

Baked Mushrooms

Cut off part of stems, lay tops down in shallow baking pan, dust with salt, put a small piece of butter in each mushroom, bake 20 m. in hot oven. Serve in pan, or on toast with sauce from pan poured over.

Steamed Mushrooms

Put mushrooms in saucepan or double boiler with salt and no water. Cover close, cook 20-30 m. Add hot cream or butter mixed with a little flour, heat. Serve on toast, cutlets of corn meal porridge, rice cutlets or slices of broiled trumese. Butter, 2 tablespns. to the pound of mushrooms, may be added when put to cooking and no milk or cream used.

Stewed Mushrooms

Cut mushrooms into sixths or eighths or slices. Cook in small quantity of water 10-15 m., add cream, or milk and butter, enough to moisten toast. Heat, serve on toast.

Creamed Mushrooms

Stew mushrooms in a larger quantity of water, add cream, and thicken to the consistency of very heavy cream. Serve in dainty shells of pastry crust, or on toast or wafers, surrounded with green peas or not.

A small quantity of mushrooms will go a long way in this way.

Mushroom Stew

Add cooked fresh or dried mushrooms to thickened consomme. Serve over rice or macaroni or in rice border.

Stewed Canned Mushrooms

Drain mushrooms, if large cut into quarters and put into rich egg or cream sauce without further cooking.

Canned mushrooms (except home canned) are esteemed more for the feeling between the teeth than for their flavor and are at their best in pies, scallops and creams.

Dried Mushrooms

Wash dried mushrooms well, soak 4-12 hours in water or milk, simmer for 5 m. only, in the liquid in which they were soaked.

Use in soups. sauces or stews, in small quantities, as the flavor is very rich.

Pickled Mushrooms

Soak mushrooms pickled in salt, for 24 hours, changing the water several times; drain, and if to be cooked in batter dry between the folds of a towel. Use cutlets of trumese batter with them, or with soaked dried mushrooms.

Mushroom Puff Balls

Pare and cut puff ball mushrooms into half-inch slices. Simmer in butter or olive oil, with or without dipping in egg, and season with salt. Or, stew and serve as other mushrooms.

Mushrooms in Rice Rings

Shape cups of steamed or boiled rice in muffin rings, fill with creamed mushrooms or Boundary Castle sauce, protose and mushrooms à la crême, thin, or with mushroom stew.

Cream of Fresh Mushroom Soup

Cook chopped imperfect caps and stems of mushrooms in water 5-10 m. Add more water if necessary and heavy cream; thicken with flour to the consistency of heavy cream. Add salt and a few cooked caps if desired, or, from 1-3 caps may be placed in each dish when the soup is served. This soup cannot be improved upon.

Boundary Castle Soup

Add sufficient water with salt to Boundary Castle sauce to make of the consistency of soup. Very delicious.

Directions for canning and drying mushrooms pp. 71 and 72.

Mushrooms à la Crême

Use all mushrooms in recipe for celery and mushrooms à la crême p. 115, or all fresh mushrooms in trumese and mushrooms à la crême p. 165.