Peel, quarter and core nice tart apples, lay inside down, in flat pudding dish or pan, cover and set in gentle heat so that the apples will become just warm all through.

Crust - Make universal crust with 1/2 to 1 cup of liquid according to the quantity required. Roll 1/2 - 3/4 in. thick, cut with biscuit cutter, lay close together on warm apples. Cover with a pan that will allow the crust to rise underneath it, set in warm place and let crust get very light.

Start the dumplings early enough to give plenty of time at each stage. When crust is light, bake uncovered at first, in moderate oven 3/4 - 1 hr., or until apples are well cooked and crust thoroughly baked. Serve with creamy, or hard sauce, or with sugar and nut or sterilized dairy, cream. Do not put any sugar, butter, salt or water on the apples. Leave them plain to contrast the apple flavor with the sauce. A pastry crust may be used with the apples, but is not so satisfying. A crust of boiled rice laid over the apples and baked covered, is very nice with them.