Wash peas and put into a baking dish with 1 teaspn. of salt to each pint of peas and 2 to 2 1/2 times the quantity of water. Cook on top of the stove until tender (about 1 hour), then put, covered, into a slow oven and bake until dry and mealy all through, which will not be long if there was not too much water in them. Peas lose their delicate flavor and develop a strong taste if cooked too long. If this amount of water is too great, use a little less. Serve if desired in the dish in which they were baked, with sauces given for mashed peas. A mint and celery flavored raw nut butter sauce is nice with them.

When desired very smooth they may be put through a colander. They may be used in soups and in all dishes where mashed peas are required.