Baked Split Yellow Peas

1 qt. (1 1/2 lb.) split peas 1/2 cup strained stewed tomato

1-2 tablespns. browned flour 3_3 1/2 teaspns. salt

Wash peas, put into bean pot, add browned flour, tomato and salt which have been mixed together, then turn over them two or three times their quantity of boiling water. Stir well. When boiling, regulate the heat of the oven so as to keep them gently simmering for from 5 to 7 hours. Do not stir after they are first put to cooking. They require greater care than beans to keep them from breaking. However, if they do not keep their shape the}' will be of a jelly-like consistency not at all objectionable. May add 2 large onions sliced fine.

Baked Split Yellow Peas No. 2

1 qt. peas 1 cup tomato

1/4 cup roasted nut butter 3_3 1/2 teaspns. salt

Rub nut butter smooth with tomato and add with salt and boiling water to peas. Raw nut butter and browned flour may be substituted for the roasted nut butter.