Make a thick sauce of rich milk and browned flour No. 1. Add to it chopped onion, minced garlic if liked, a few coarse bread crumbs and a large quantity of fine sliced celery. Fill the squash which has been prepared as in the preceding recipe, sprinkle with crumbs, cover with slices of tomato from which the seeds have been removed, or with pieces of canned tomato. Finish with chopped parsley ; bake covered until time to brown over the top.

Nuts may be used with this also, and unbrowned flour in the sauce if preferred.

A simple dressing of bread or cracker crumbs and milk with a little cream or butter and chopped onion is nice in squash.

With such summer squashes as are of the right shape to bake, the greater part of the inside may be scraped out, chopped and put in with the dressing.