Potato Biscuit

1 cake yeast 1 qt. water

1 cup sugar

2 cups mashed potato white flour

1 scant cup oil (or oil and melted butter mixed) 4 or 5 eggs salt

Add beaten eggs, warm water and all other ingredients to warm mashed potato, with flour for stiff dough; when light, roll out, cut into biscuit, let rise, bake.

Split Biscuit

Use only 2 tablespns. of sugar in potato biscuit with milk for wetting.

Roll light dough 1/2 in. thick, cut into biscuit, butter half of them on top and lay one of the other half on top of each; lay close together in pan, brush with butter, let rise, bake.

Raised Biscuit

Take roll dough or add a little more oil to bread dough, cut into small biscuit and place a little way apart in pan, prick with fork, let rise and bake. Or, cut strips of dough into small pieces, . roll into balls and place close together in tin. When there is a little piece of dough left, break it into small, irregular pieces and put one on the top of each biscuit.

Breakfast Biscuit-rice, corn and flour

Take cold boiled rice, double its quantity of flour, a little fine corn meal, and yeast. Mix with water to dough and let rise over night. Roll and cut into biscuit in the morning, let rise and bake for breakfast.