Lay slices of trumese on a well oiled hot, not burned, griddle and brown delicately on both sides. Or, brush lightly with oil, lay in a shallow pan and put into a hot oven. Or, broil in a wire broiler over coals or over or under a gas blaze. Serve with sauce 6. 12. 16. 17. 51. 54. 57. or 73 or with almost any of the meat and vegetable sauces; with apple sauce, baked apples, lemon apples or jelly; with green peas, string beans, creamed corn or any creamed vegetables; with cabbage or celery in tomato or with stewed onions. It may also be served on or around a mound of boiled rice with lentil or brown gravy, or with pilau or mashed Irish or sweet potatoes.