1 cup lentils sage

1 cup rice salt

2 tablespns. raw nut butter 1 loose head of cabbage onion a little tomato if desired

Boil cabbage leaves in salted water 5-8 m., or sprinkle with salt, pour boiling water over and let stand 20 m. to 1/2 hour. Refresh with cold water, drain.

Cook lentils till beginning to get tender but not until broken, drain and save water.

Cook rice in salted water until swollen but not soft (about 15 m.), drain if necessary and save the water. Mix lentils, rice, sage, chopped onion, raw nut butter and salt smooth with a little of the lentil water. Put a tablespoonful of this mixture in the center of each cabbage leaf. Fold the sides of the leaf over and roll into crˇquette shape. Pack close in layers in an oiled baking dish. (A flaring granite pan would do nicely.) Pour the rice water and lentil water over, with a little tomato if desired, and add enough boiling, slightly salted water to cover. Press a plate over the rolls, cover and bake 3/4 to 1 hour in a moderate oven.

Drain, save liquid, remove plate, invert dish on to chop tray, leaving rolls in a mound. Thicken liquid slightly and turn over rolls or serve separately. Garnish mound.

Dairy butter may be used in place of raw nut butter.