Carrot Pie

1 qt. cooked sliced carrots chopped parsley

Sauce- 5 tablespns. oil or melted butter 5 1/2 tablespns. flour

2 tablespns. chopped onion 1 qt. boiling water

Simmer, not brown, onion in oil, add flour and water, pour into baking dish with carrots and parsley and cover with any desired crust-universal, pastry, rice, mashed potato, dressing, or mashed dried green peas. With the last, one would have a hearty meat dish.

Potato Pie

Use potatoes instead of carrots and more onion in preceding recipe. Celery may be used (without simmering in oil) instead of the onion. 1/3 - 1/2 cup of raw nut butter, instead of the oil, rubbed smooth with water and boiled with it would give a meaty flavor with the potatoes and onions. A mashed lentil crust, when desired, adds to the nutritive value of the pie.