Cocoanut Candy

2 cups granulated sugar, 1/2 cup milk, 1 cup shredded cocoanut. Boil sugar and milk together for 4 m., add cocoanut, flavor to taste and cool in buttered tins.

Candy Puffs

2 cups sugar whites 2 eggs

1 cup water 1 cup chopped nuts flavoring

Boil sugar and water till they spin a heavy thread, then pour the syrup over the stiffly-beaten whites of the eggs, stirring constantly. When all the syrup is in, beat until the mass begins to harden; add flavoring and nuts, mix thoroughly and place by teaspoonfuls on buttered plates.

Confection, or Bonbon Cream

Beat the white of an egg to a stiff froth, add gradually 8 tablespns. sifted powdered sugar, beat well together and flavor with vanilla or any desired flavoring. Or, one half its bulk of water may be added to the white of egg without beating, with enough confectioner's sugar to make stiff enough to mold into balls. Different colors and flavorings may be used in cream.

Nut Creams

Halve English walnut or pecan meats and put confection cream between the halves; press together and set away to harden.

Confection Potatoes

Add a little cocoanut to second confection cream, and form into small potato shapes, making dents for eyes; roll in fine powdered coriander or anise seed, or in brown sugar with a little anise mixed with it.

Old Fashioned Molasses Candy

2 cups molasses, 2 cups granulated sugar, 1 tablespn. butter. Boil over not too hot fire until a little will harden as soon as it drops into cold water. Pour into buttered tins and pull when cool enough to handle. Candy may have hickory nut or black walnut meats pressed into it when partly cooled, without pulling.

The most important thing for the candy is to get a good flavored molasses. The real Porto Rico is best. Do not be induced to add soda to the syrup. It spoils the rich golden color which belongs to molasses candy, besides making it more unwholesome. Brush the kettle with butter before putting ingredients in.

Everton Taffy

1 large cup New Orleans molasses 1/2 cup butter

1 1/2 cup lightest brown sugar 1 teaspn. vanilla

Boil until a little dropped in water will make fine, brittle threads; pour into buttered pans 1/4-1/3 in. thick and cut in squares.

Lemon Taffy--to pull

2 cups sugar 2 tablespns. lemon juice

1 cup water 2 or 3 drops lemon extract

Boil sugar and water until nearly done; add lemon juice and cook until a little will harden in cold water; flavor and turn on to buttered plate. Fold the edges toward the center as they cool and pull as soon as cool enough to handle.


3 cups light brown sugar 1 cup milk or cream 1 tablespn. butter

1 lb. English walnuts (1 1/2 cup chopped) 1 teaspn. vanilla

Shell, blanch and chop the walnuts; boil sugar and milk until syrup will harden when dropped into water but will not become brittle; just before it is done, add the butter and vanilla; then the chopped nuts, stirring them in well; pour into buttered pans and with sharp knife mark off the squares. Cool.

Another recipe says dark brown sugar and 1/2 cup only of cream.

Maple Cream Candy

3 cups grated maple sugar 1 cup cream 1 teaspn. butter

Boil all together for 12 m., pour into another dish, stir until mixture thickens, pour into buttered tins and cut in squares.

Hoarhound Candy

3 cups water, 2 oz. dried hoarhound, 3 lbs. (2 1/4 qts.) brown sugar. Steep the dried herb in the water for a half hour; strain, add the sugar and boil until a little will harden when dropped in cold water; pour on to buttered tins and when sufficiently cool cut into sticks with oiled knife.