"Sugar clogs the system. It hinders the working of the living machine.'

Children are not naturally fond of sweets, but with few exceptions their taste has been educated to them from the cradle. I have known children who were so unaccustomed to candies that if they were given them they would merely play with them, never thinking of putting them into their mouths, and others who would say when a sweet dessert was given them, "I don't like that, it is too sweet."

Much life-long suffering would be avoided if children were given plenty of good ripe fruit, sweet and sour, instead of confections. If, however, it seems best sometimes to make something in this line, select the simplest and least harmful.

Stuffed Dates

Mix unsalted roasted nut butter with powdered sugar and a little vanilla, form into pieces the size and shape of date stones and put inside each date; roll in sugar or not, serve on grape or maple leaves.

Serve with wafers, or with rolls and cereal coffee, sometimes.

Almond or Brazil nut butter may be used instead of peanut butter, and rose or other flavoring. Grated cocoanut may be mixed with the almond butter. Fill the dates with marshmallow paste for Marshmallow Dates.

Cream Stuffed Dates

Make a roll the size of the stone of confection cream and insert in date. The roll may be larger and allowed to show in the opening.

Stuffed Figs

Stuff pulled figs by removing the inside and mixing it with sweetened and flavored nut butter or with coarse chopped English walnuts, almonds and pecans, one or all, and replacing in the skin.

Pile in the center of a dessert plate and surround with sticks or beaten biscuit- Serve with or without cereal coffee.

Stuffed Prunes

Soak and steam choice, plump California prunes until tender, cover close until cool, remove stones and fill space with a paste made by kneading together almond butter, white of egg and powdered or confectioner's sugar.

Sweetmeats-Fruits and Nuts

1 part each Brazil nuts, almonds and hickory nuts or filberts or English walnuts, and 1 or 2 parts raisins, figs or dates. Grind fruit through finest cutter of mill and mix with nut butter or meal or chopped nuts. Form into caramel shape, small rolls or cones, or into a large roll and slice. Two or more of the sweet fruits may be used, sometimes a little citron. Or, 3 parts chopped hickory nut meats, 2 parts figs and other fruits.

A Sweetmeat-Fruits

1 lb. each of figs, from which the stems and hard part have been cut, stoned dates and raisins; mix and grind through food cutter; sprinkle board with confectioner's sugar, knead mixture, roll to 1/2 in. thick, cut into any desired shape and size and roll in sugar.


Whites of 6 eggs, 1 cup powdered sugar. Beat the whites of eggs with a little salt, adding the sugar gradually while whipping until the mixture is stiff enough to hold its shape; add flavoring if desired and drop by spoonfuls on to paraffine paper laid on boards of a size to fit the oven, or on baking tins. Dry in warm oven for about an hour, then brown slightly. If the oven is too warm, they may now be put into the warming oven or on a shelf over the stove until thoroughly dried. If the kisses stick to the paper, turn them over and moisten the paper slightly and they will come off in a little while.