1 pt. canned or grated corn to 3 pts. rich milk, 1 level tablespn. only, of flour, a very little salt. Do not let soup stand long before serving. A little onion improves the flavor. If fresh corn is used, the milk may be heated in a double boiler, the corn added and cooked 20-30 m., or it may be boiled in a small quantity of water 6-10 m. The cobs may be boiled in the water for 10 m. before and removed; or they may stand in the milk while it is heating and be removed before corn is added.

Fine fresh cracker meal gives a nice flavor to cream of corn soup when used instead of flour for thickening.

A very little strained tomato imparts a delightful flavor and makes a different soup.

Cream of Dried Corn

Soak corn, grind, add to hot milk, or cream and water. Heat in double boiler 1 hour, add salt, serve. If necessary, thicken a trifle.

Cream of Dried Corn and Carrot

Add cooked grated carrots to corn and milk in above recipe and heat. Delicious.

Cream of Corn and Celery Soup

Equal quantities cooked celery and corn, rich milk thickened a trifle if desired, salt.

Cream of Corn and Peas Soup

1 cup dried green peas 2 or 3 stalks of celery

1 cup canned corn milk

Cook peas, rub through colander, corn also if preferred. Add milk to make of the right consistency. Put over fire in double boiler with salt and the stalks of celery crushed. Heat for 15m., remove the celery and serve. 1 pint of canned green peas may be used instead of dried ones.