Wash and drain currants. They are usually left on the stems but strain more easily if stemmed. Crush the berries, a few at a time and throw into the preserving kettle. Do not add any water. Set on back of range and heat slowly to nearly, not quite, boiling. Strain, measure juice, return to kettle and set over fire. At the same time put into a moderate oven in broad bottomed pans, sugar in the proportion of 3/4 - 1 pt. to each pint of juice (3/4 is sufficient). After juice begins to boil, boil 20 m., skimming as the scum rises. Add hot sugar, stir until sugar is dissolved, remove from fire and put at once into glasses.

1/3 white currants may be used with red.

A thinner jelly to be used with meats and over puddings underneath the meringue, may be made wit 1/2 pt. of sugar to the pint of juice.

A little celery salt may be added when jelly is to be used with meats.

Currant and Raspberry Jelly

2/3 currant juice and 1/3 raspberry or 1/3 currant and 2/3 raspberry makes a delightful combination.

Black Currant Jelly

Prepare stemmed currants as for red currant jelly. Use 1/4 to 1/2 cup of water to each quart of currants and 3/4 pt. of sugar to a pint of juice. 10 m. boiling is sufficient.

1/2 or 2/3 apple juice will make a more delicate flavored jelly.