Vegetable Cutlets

Grate or grind carrots; cook, salt, drain. Cut young tender string beans into small pieces and cook in salted water. Mix with nicely seasoned mashed potato, add grated onion, a trifle of crushed garlic if liked, chopped parsley, and salt if necessary; shape into oblong cakes, egg, crumb or dip into corn meal or flour. Pour a little melted butter over them in the pan and brown in a quick oven. Serve with cream sauce, at once.

The mixture may be enclosed in pastry crust as surprise biscuit.

Squash Cutlets

Cook young, tender Fordhook or crook-neck squash in 1/2 in. slices. Dip in egg and flour or crumbs. Bake, covered at first, on well oiled griddle or in covered pan in rather hot oven 25-35 m. or until squash is tender. Serve as soon as done as an entree or as a garnish.

May soak slices in ice water 1/2 - 1 hour; drain and wipe dry before dipping.

Cucumber Cutlets

Slice cucumbers in thick slices across, or if small cut into halves lengthwise. Wipe dry with a towel if soaked in ice water. Dip in egg and crumbs or cracker dust. Bake covered in hot oven until tender, 20-30 m. Serve as luncheon dish or as garnish for a meat dish.

A little fine chopped onion may be sprinkled over before baking.

Cutlets of Corn Meal Porridge, or Hasty Pudding

Make corn meal porridge just thick enough to mold, not stiff. Cook thoroughly and turn into bread tins or other molds which have been wet in cold water. When cold, slice, egg and crumb, or dip in flour.(No. 1, browned, best). Brown in hot oven. Serve plain or with mushroom sauce or maple syrup for supper, breakfast or luncheon. In small round or square slices it may be used as a garnish for creamed vegetables or true meat dishes.

For variety, coarse chopped nuts may be stirred into the porridge before molding.

Porridge may be molded in small egg cups and finished the same as slices.

Rice Cutlets

Put hot boiled rice (cooked in water or part milk) into square mold or brick shaped bread tin which has been wet in cold water, cover close and stand in cold place. Slice, dip in oil or melted butter and crumbs and bake in quick oven. Serve with green peas, mushroom or any desired sauce, or with jelly, honey or maple syrup.

Dip in egg and crumbs, or in French toast mixture when preferred.