Marshmallow Pudding

1/4 oz. gelatine whites 3 eggs

1 cup water 1/2 - 3/4 cup sugar

1/2 teaspn. vanilla

Beat whites of eggs very stiff, add sugar gradually, beating, then vanilla, lastly the warm gelatine, chopping in quickly. Mold in shallow pan. .Just before serving unmold and with hot, dry knife cut into cubes. Serve with cream, custard or fruit juice or use as garnish for other dishes.

Cream of Tomato and Carrot Jelly

1/4 oz. gelatine 2 teaspns. salt

3 cups rich milk 2 level teaspns. sugar

1 cup strained tomato 3/4 cup carrot

Soak gelatine in warm water, drain, cook in milk; add the tomato, sugar and salt with cooked carrot which has been rubbed through a fine colander, mold. Serve garnished with spinach or chervil as a cold entrée, with nuts and wafers. Or, mold in small molds and use as a garnish for other dishes. May flavor milk with onion or onion and garlic, straining them out after cooking gelatine.

Tomato Jelly

1/4 oz. gelatine

1 cup water

2 tablespns. lemon juice with strained tomato to make 3 cups 1-1 1/2 tablespn. sugar

1 tablespn. chopped parsley

3 tablespns. chopped onion

3/4 teaspn. celery seed, crushed, or

3/4 cup dried celery tops, or

1 teaspn. celery salt

2-2 1/2 teaspns. salt

Simmer all ingredients (except gelatine and parsley) together for 20 m., strain, add parsley and cooked gelatine and pour into mold. Individual molds may be served on lettuce, spinach or endive with or without improved mayonnaise dressing.

Tomato Aspic

1/4 oz. gelatine 1 cup water 3 cups tomato juice 1 tablespn. sugar

2 1/2 tablespns. lemon juice 3/4 - 1 tablespn. salt 3/4 teaspn. celery salt, tied in bit of muslin

Drain juice from stewed tomatoes without pressing the pulp through; add other ingredients. Simmer all together 10-15 m; strain, add water to make 3 cups, mix with cooked gelatine and mold.

Green peas, sprays of parsley, sliced celery, or trumese or nutmese in dice (singly or in combinations) may be put in with jelly, in layers, the same as fruit, in fruit and mint jelly. Serve garnished as a cold entrée for luncheon or for supper or for one course at dinner. Mold in small molds sometimes and use as a garnish.


1/4 oz. gelatine 1 cup water

2 3/4 - 3 cups light stock (tinted green if desired)

If preferred pour hot stock over 2 yolks of eggs and cook and add to gelatine. May be molded in small molds for garnishing.

A mold of jellied bouillon or stock surrounded with halves of nuts or delicate wafers or both, may be served in place of soup.

Aspic for Garnishing

1/4 oz. gelatine 2 tablespns. lemon juice

1 cup water cleared bouillon with it to make 1 cup

Pour into shallow mold to desired depth. Unmold and cut with hot dry knife into dice or fancy shapes just before serving.

Jellied Broth-Dark

1/4 oz. gelatine 1 cup water 1 qt. dark stock, uncleared

Mold in small cups and serve in soup plates or on small plates, surrounded with soup crackers and halves of nuts with fringed celery.

Gelatine of Trumese

Cut trumese (some nutmese also if wished) into 1/2 - 2/3 in. dice. Mold with light aspic, using sprays of parsley and small button mushrooms if wished.

May serve on a bed of green, with improved mayonnaise roses.

Jellied Cream Trumese (Salad if Desired)

1/4 oz. gelatine

1 cup broth-light stock without celery and bay leaves

3/4 - 7/8 cup cream 4-5 oz., (9 tablespns.-3/4 - 1 cup) trumese salt if necessary

Add minced trumese to gelatine cooked in broth and when partly cooled, chop into whipped cream. Mold in large or small molds. Mold may be garnished with celery tops and served with wafers and stalks of celery, or garnished with fringed celery or ripe olives and parsley, the celery or olives with wafers to be served with mold.

Or, the one or individual molds may be served with improved or cream mayonnaise dressing with ripe olives or celery and wafers.