Banana Egg Cream

Combine 1 or 2 tablespns. of fresh banana pulp and 1 tablespn.

of cream with a beaten egg, leaving a part of the white on top if desired.

Vanilla Egg Cream

Heat the white of an egg with 1-2 teaspns. of sugar, reserving a little for the top; chop in the yolk with 1 tablespn. of cream and a delicate flavoring of vanilla; serve in a glass, with white on top of yolk mixture.

Or, for a change, beat the white and yolk separately, add half the sugar and cream to each, flavor yolk with vanilla, pile white in a dainty glass dish and pour yolk mixture over it. A little of the white may be chopped with the yolk.

Almond Egg Cream

Use 1 teaspn. almond butter, mixed to a thick cream with water, in place of dairy cream, in preceding recipe. Vanilla may be omitted.

Maple or Honey Egg Cream

Heat the white of an egg, add 2/3 - 1 tablespn. of maple syrup or of honey (malt extract sometimes); chop in yolk and if desired, 1 tablespn. of cream.