Suitable for vegetables, apples, tomatoes, eggs, legumes and nut foods.

The proportions of lemon juice and oil in this dressing vary from I part of lemon juice to 4 parts of oil, to equal parts of each, and in extreme cases to the use of four or five times as much lemon juice as of oil according to the ingredients of the salad and individual taste, but the proportions most generally used are the following:

1/4 - 1/2 teaspn. salt 3 tablespns. oil 1 tablespn. lemon juice

Mix salt and oil well, add lemon juice slowly, stirring, pour over salad, serve at once. If flavorings are used, mix them with the salt and oil before adding the lemon juice. My experience is that this method of combining the ingredients gives the best results. A bit of ice may be added while stirring, but if ingredients and utensils are ice cold it will not be necessary.