We make "fruit nectars" by adding lemon juice, sugar and water (the less sugar the better, a sugar syrup is preferable) to pure fruit juices and to combinations of fruit juices. Some, such as grape and black raspberry, will bear a good deal of water, but pineapple and other delicate flavored juices very little.

If pineapple is combined with another juice, let it be something without a strong, positive flavor (as orange or strawberry), or the pineapple juice will be wasted. A strong and a neutral flavored juice, red raspberry and currant for instance, go well together. Lemon juice gives character to all. Peach and grape juice, or apple and grape juice are good combinations.

To fully enjoy the flavors, do not serve drinks ice cold.

Banana Lemon Nectar

Syrup-3-4 cups water, 1/2 cup sugar, boil; add 1/2 cup lemon juice, cool. Cut 1 large banana in small pieces; pour syrup over, let stand in refrigerator 2 hours or longer; strain or not; serve with thin slices of lemon.

Orange Banana Nectar Cut half a small orange into sections, rind and all and add to banana syrup about 20 m. before serving. Before straining, put sections into glasses, pour the strained syrup over them and serve.

Orange Nectar

Add sections of orange to lemon syrup without the banana.

Mint Orange Nectar

Add shredded mint to orange nectar.