One hoe cake is the pone mixture baked on a hoe or griddle in one large cake or in several small ones 1/4-3/4 in. thick.

Another - 1 cup white Southern corn meal or Rhode Island meal, mix with 1/2 teaspn. salt and pour boiling milk or water over to make a batter thick enough not to spread. Drop by spoonfuls on well oiled griddle and press 1/2 in. thick. When nicely browned on one side, put a small piece of butter or a little oil on top of each cake and turn.. Bake thoroughly. Serve hot. A teaspn. of sugar is sometimes added to the meal, hut "no Southern cook would risk the spoiling of her corn breads by sweetening them."

For campers, the batter may be spread on a floured oak board, the board slanted in front of the fire and the hoe cake baked "in its original way and with its original flavor;" or it may be baked on a smooth flat stone which has been heated and floured. Sometimes the scalded meal is allowed to stand for an hour or longer, then formed into cakes 1/2-3/4 in. thick before baking.