Sprinkle a trifle of salt on to the white of an egg in a bowl and beat with a revolving egg beater to a very stiff.froth; then add I tablespn. of sugar and beat until smooth and cream}'. Remove the egg beater, chop in lightly 2 teaspns. of lemon juice and remove 1/3 of the beaten white to a cold plate. Add the yolk and another teaspoon of lemon juice to the white remaining in the bowl. Chop them in lightly and quickly, not mixing very thoroughly. Drop this egg mixture into a cold glass and on top of it lay the white which was taken out. Serve at once.

All of the white may be beaten with the yolk if preferred. The whites of 2 eggs and yolk of one may be used.

A company of ladies to whom I once served this cream as a dessert pronounced it "the most delicate boiled custard" they had ever tasted.