Peas Timbales

1 cup mashed peas

2 eggs a few drops of onion juice

1/2 tablespn. melted butter or 1 of cream 2/3 teaspn. salt

Mix all with beaten eggs, bake in a single or in individual molds well oiled, in pan of hot water until firm.

(Very finely sliced celery may be used instead of onion juice. Peas and eggs only may be used for plain timbales). Serve with cream sauce. Finely sliced celery, a few whole green peas, a little stewed corn or a few pieces of tomato pulp may be added to the sauce.

The individual timbales may be used as a garnish for some vegetable dish, giving meat value to it. Decorate timbales with egg daisies, carrots, or anything desired.

Rice and Lentil Timbales

Line a well oiled mold with a 3/4 in. layer of boiled rice. Nearly fill the center with mashed lentils, cover with rice, steam or bake 20 m. to 1/2 hr. Unmold carefully, garnish, serve with cream, brown, mushroom or any suitable sauce.

Mashed peas may take the place of lentils, with sauce of celery, onion or tomato cream.