2 tablespns. raw nut butter 1/3 cup whole peanuts cooked almost tender 1/2 cup each chopped or ground pecans, almonds and filberts (or butternuts hazelnuts, and hickory nuts) 2 cups stale bread crumbs pressed firmly into the cup salt

3/4 - 1 cup water or 1 of milk

The quantity of liquid will depend upon the crumbs and other conditions. Put into oiled mold or can, cover, steam 3 hours. Or, have peanuts cooked tender, form into oval loaf, bake on tin in oven, basting occasionally with butter and water or salted water only. Serve with sauce 9, 10, 57. 59, or 69. Loaf may be served cold in slices, or dipped in egg, and crumbed, and baked as cutlets.

Other nuts may be substituted for peanuts.

One-half cup black walnuts and 1 1/2 cup cooked peanuts, chopped, make a good combination. A delicate flavoring of sage, savory or onion is not out of place with these.