Inclose small cakes of nicely seasoned mashed potato in pastry crust; bake, serve with milk gravy, drawn butter or cream sauce, or with celery only. This is the original recipe which leads to the following variations:

Mix finely-sliced celery with the potato.

Use the mixture of black walnut and potato stuffing, or mashed lentils or mashed peas for filling.

Serve peas biscuit with tomato or tomato cream sauce.

Serve lentil biscuit with cream, cream of tomato or mushroom sauce.

Lentil biscuit with fresh mushroom or Boundary Castle sauce, with or without celery, might constitute one course at a dinner.

Make a filling of minced trumese, salt, oil, chopped parsley, onion and mushrooms into small cakes or balls, inclose them in universal crust, and when light, steam 25-30 m. Serve with drawn butter, flavored with onion and parsley, or as garnish for a meat dish. Make balls quite small for garnish.