4 oz. gum arabic

1 cup water

1 1/4 cup powdered sugar whites of 3 eggs

2 teaspns. orange flower water or 1 of vanilla corn starch confectioner's sugar

Another recipe gives 2 cups powdered sugar and the white of 1 egg only, with the other ingredients.

Soak the gum arabic in the water until soft, strain into inner cup of double boiler, add sugar and cook, stirring until thick and white. Try in ice water and when it will form a firm, not hard, ball, remove from the fire and chop and beat in the stiffly-whipped whites of the eggs with the flavoring. Turn the paste into a shallow pan covered thick with corn starch, leaving it I inch in thickness. When cool or in about 12 hours, cut into inch cubes, dust with confectioner's sugar and pack in boxes. Marshmallows are better to be made as soft as they can be handled.