Very large, or irregularly shaped potatoes may be used for mashing. Have kettle, fine colander and masher hot, with hot milk or cream in the bottom of the kettle. Rub nicely boiled potatoes, a few at a time, through the colander into the kettle as soon as done. Beat very thoroughly until smooth and creamy.

Add more hot milk if necessary but do not make too soft or the flavor of the potato will be lost. Mashed potatoes should be served at once, but if obliged to stand, make them a little softer, keep hot in double boiler and beat occasionally to restore the smoothness.

Potato Cakes

Shape cold mashed potato into cakes, brown on both sides on oiled griddle, or brush with cream, oil or melted butter and brown in oven. Serve as soon as done. When egg is added to potato cakes, they fall soon after removing from the fire and become solid and soggy; also the characteristic flavor of the potato is to some extent destroyed.

Browned Mashed Potato Slices

Cut mashed potato (which has been molded in a brick shaped or small round tin dipped in cold water) into rather thick slices.

Dip in beaten eggy then in crumbs, and brown in quick oven.

Serve with or without sauce. Slices may be served with a poached egg on each.

Potato Purée

Add rich milk to mashed potatoes to make like thick porridge, spread on hot platter as a foundation for cutlets, croquettes, slices of broiled nut meat or nicely poached eggs. Garnish with parsley or other green.