Nut butters (except raw peanut) may be used on bread as they are ground; but are usually stirred up with water to an agreeable butter-like consistency, and salt added.

Strained tomato may be used instead of water for a change. This is especially nice for sandwiches. With peanut butter made from boiled or steamed nuts it has a flavor similar to cheese.

Nut butter is more attractive for the table when pressed through a pastry tube in roses on to individual dishes. Use a cloth (not rubber) pastry bag.

While pure nut butter, if kept in a dry place, will keep almost indefinitely, it will sour as quickly as milk after water is added to it.

Nut Cream and Milk

Add water to nut butter until of the desired consistency, for cream; then still more, for milk.

Almond milk makes a delightful drink and can be used by many who cannot take dairy milk. It may be heated and a trifle of salt added.