Nutmese of nuts only, is suitable to serve with breads of all kinds instead of butter. It takes the place of cheese nicely with apple pie and may be served sliced, with Chili, apple, grape and different fruit sauces or with jelly.

Nutmese Cottage Cheese

Take the broken pieces of nutmese left from slicing, press them through a wire strainer, add salt and enough lemon juice to give the slight tartness of cottage cheese. Use plenty of salt and not too much lemon juice. Mix well and press through the strainer again. Shape into balls and roll in chopped parsley.

Carefully Broiled Nutmese may be served with creamed parsnips or celery on toast, or with mint sauce, tomato and tomato cream sauce, and nearly all the sauces and vegetables with which trumese is served. It is especially nice with green peas.

Tomato Nutmese and Eggs

Lay 1/4 inch slices of broiled tomato nutmese on thin pieces of toast of the same shape and place a soft poached egg on each. Garnish with parsley.

Use soft scrambled eggs instead of poached sometimes.

Nutmese and Rice with Peas Sauce

Add chopped parsley and cooked green peas to tomato cream sauce which has been flavored with onion, and pour sauce over a low, rocky mound of rice surrounded by broiled nutmese.

Nutmese with Baked Beans

Score nutmese of the desired shape, on one side. Broil the scored side carefully and set in the oven to just warm through. Place in center of platter, pile baked beans around and garnish with parsley and lemon. Nutmese made in an oblong, square-cornered tin would be very suitable in shape.

String beans which have been cooked whole with raw nut butter in the water may be used in place of baked beans, and French dressing or Sauce Amèricaine poured over.

Nut Irish Stew--a universal favorite

In 2 qts. of salted water to which have been added 4 or 5 tablespns. of raw nut butter, cook from 4-6 large onions sliced thin, and 3 pts. to 2 qts. of potato cut into irregular pieces about an inch in diameter.

When the potatoes have cooked enough to give a little consistency to the stew, drop in pieces of nutmese in strips about 1 1/2 in. long and 3/4 in. thick. Heat without stirring. Serve.

Nutmese in Cream of Tomato Sauce

Makes a delightful stew. It may be served alone, on toast, in rice border, or in mashed bean border. Cut nutmese into dice and add to sauce just long enough before serving to heat through. Do not stir.

Add nutmese to Cream of Spinach soup when you have some left over and you have an enjoyable meat dish with very little trouble.

Nutmese and Green Peas with New Potatoes

Serve in cream or drawn butter sauce. Old potatoes cut in small pieces may be used.

Nutmese and Oyster Plant in Shells

Use nutmese and oyster plant in place of trumese and mushrooms, in Trumese and Mushrooms à la Crême, and the liquor in which the oyster plant was cooked instead of water in the sauce.

Scallop of Nutmese and Tomato

Layers of crumbs, thin slices of nutmese and tomato sauce or tomato cream sauce, or slices of tomato and a thick cream sauce; have sauce on top, sprinkle with crumbs, bake.

Use chopped or grated onion with tomato if desired. Sauce Imperial may be used.

Nutmese and Corn

Place nicely seasoned, canned or grated fresh corn in layers with dice or small pieces of nutmese. Sprinkle with cracker dust or browned flour No. 1. Heat in moderate oven, This simple dish is very pleasing.

Nutmese Pie with Potato Crust

Prepare nutmese pie the same as trumese pie, p. 167. Cover with nicely seasoned mashed potato. Pour a little cream, oil or melted butter over and bake until top is delicately browned.

Sprinkle with chopped parsley, or, chopped parsley may be mixed with the potato. Universal or rice crust may be used.

Hashed Potato Crust for Nutmese Use sauce No. 9 with nutmese and cover with well seasoned hashed or hashed creamed potatoes and brown in oven.

Nutmese and Potato Pie with Pastry Crust Use sauce 43 or 14 with or without sage and onion, drop into it chunks or slices of fresh boiled potato, lay thin slices of nutmese over, cover with pastry crust and bake in moderate oven.

Apple and Nutmese Pie

Make the same as apple pie, using enough less apple to make room for a layer of nutmese, and only about half as much sugar. Serve for luncheon or early supper,

Nutmese Croquettes or Patties

Use nutmese in recipe of trumese croquettes, No. 2. Shape into patties if preferred. Serve with green peas or on a bed of mashed turnip sprinkled with chopped parsley.

Nutmese may be used instead of trumese in many dishes not mentioned.