3/4 lb. nutmese 3 hard boiled eggs

Break nutmese into irregular pieces with a fork and mix it with the eggs, chopped coarse and 3/4 teaspn. salt.

Sauce1/4 cup oil or melted butter water to leave stiff, about 1 pt.

1/4 - 1/2 cup chopped onion 1 egg, or the yolk only

3/4 cup flour 1 teaspn. chopped parsley salt

Add onion to hot oil and simmer slowly without browning, for 10 m. Add flour, rub smooth, pour on hot water, stir until smooth and well cooked. Remove from fire, add parsley, salt and beaten egg. Put sauce, and nutmese with eggs, into pudding dish, in layers, with sauce on top. Sprinkle with crumbs, corn meal or browned flour No. 1. Bake in moderate oven until bubbling all through and delicately browned on top.

We sometimes use a little garlic, and sometimes a little cream with a very little strained tomato in the sauce. Another is made with the following sauce and finished the same as the preceding :

Sauce No. 2-Rub 7/8 cup pastry flour smooth with water; pour it gradually into I pt. of boiling milk, stirring until smooth. Pour this over 2 beaten eggs or yolks only. Add 1 teaspn. each chopped onion and parsley, and 3/4 - 1 teaspn. salt.

The sauce must be very stiff or the character of the dish is spoiled.

A tablespn. of butter may be added when the sauce is taken from the fire, if desired richer.