1/2 lb. Virginia peanuts, raw 2 teaspns. salt

1 lb. Virginia peanuts, cooked 2/3 cup water

Grind both cooked and raw nuts into butter, add salt and water, mix well, put into oiled tins. Steam 5 hrs. or bake 1 hr. in slow oven on asbestos pad. May cook in sealed glass jars, following directions p. I 56, for trumese in glass jars.

Use a trifle less water for Spanish peanuts.

Cereal coffee or consomme may be used in place of water.

All ready prepared foods similar to nutmese are variously named "nuttolene", "nutmete" "nutcysa" and "nut loaf," according to where they are made.

Tomato Nutmese

1/4 lb. Virginia peanuts, raw

1 lb. Virginia peanuts, cooked

2 teaspns. salt

5-5 1/3 tablespns. thick tomato pulp (strained tomato cooked down)

Cook same as nutmese, having oven very slow in baking.

Cornstarch Nutmese

The following recipe makes a very palatable preparation for those who can use the starch; but meat substitutes should be made without starch.

3 cups raw Spanish nut meal, or coarse butter 1 cup cornstarch

3-3 1/2 teaspns. salt

1 cup cold water

3 cups boiling water

Stir dry ingredients with the cold water, then add the boiling water gradually, stirring. Cook the same as nutmese. Use a little more water with Virginia nuts. See suggestion p. 155, for using starch washed out of gluten dough, in place of corn starch.