Onion Soup

Simmer sliced onions in butter without browning; add water, boiling, cook until onions are tender, thicken slightly with flour, rub through colander, add salt and a little browned flour, more water if necessary, and chopped parsley.

May cook raw nut butter with onion instead of using dairy butter.

Split Peas and Onion Soup

Split peas, water, salt, raw nut butter and onion, a little tomato sometimes. Cook all ingredients together until peas and onion are tender. Strain or not as preferred.

Potato Soup with Onion or Celery

Simmer chopped onion in oil or butter, add boiling water, potatoes cut in small pieces, and salt. Cook until potatoes are tender, add water to make of the right consistency, salt, and chopped parsley.

Serve with shelled nuts and croutons.

Finely-sliced celery may be cooked with the potatoes, and onions omitted.