Poached Eggs And Poachers

Poached Eggs And Poachers

Egg Poacher

Egg Poacher

In an oiled, shallow pan have unsalted boiling water deep enough to be at least 1/2 in. above the eggs. Slide the broken eggs (only fresh laid eggs will poach nicely) into the perfectly boiling water, singly, or all from one large dish. Set pan on asbestos pad, cover and leave where the water will keep hot but will not boil, until the eggs are jelly-like. Remove carefully from the water with a small oiled skimmer and cut off the ragged edges with a biscuit cutter. Nothing is more offensive to the eye than a rough ragged poached egg.

Besides the usual toast, poached eggs may be served on cream toast, round slices of broiled trumese, on hash or creamed vegetables, or in shallow nests of boiled rice, mashed potato or spinach. Do not forget the garnish, as there is no place where a spray of parsley gives a better effect than on poached eggs. .

Or, place oiled muffin rings in the pan of water and break an egg into each ring; take up with griddle cake turner and remove the ring.

The most nearly perfect of all, however, are eggs poached in the Buffalo Steam Poacher after the following method:

Have the lower part of the poacher % full of boiling water; set the well oiled poacher cups, each containing an egg, into their places; cover, let stand over the hot fire just a moment to allow the cover to become filled with steam, then set off from the fire. Leave, covered tight, for 6 m., when you will have eggs beautifully jellied all through, which (if the cups were oiled sufficiently will slide out on to whatever you wish to serve them on.

Sometimes poach eggs in thin cream or in milk and butter, lay on to slices of toast, halves of biscuit or large thin wafers, and pour the cream around.

Poached Yolks of Eggs

Drop yolks, one at a time, into rapidly boiling water; keep them rolling, by rapid boiling, for at least to m.; then stand where they will boil more slowly till done, 20-25 m.

Poached Whites of Eggs

To be cut in fancy shapes for garnishing. Break whites of eggs into thoroughly oiled cup or bowl, set in pan of hot water, with something to keep the dish from touching the bottom of the pan, and leave over the fire until the white is set.

Poached Beaten Eggs

Beat eggs to a foam with water, or any desired addition, and cook in steam poacher.

Creamed Eggs

Break eggs into a shallow baking dish, cover with thin cream and bake in a moderate oven; sprinkle with salt and dot with parsley leaves before serving. Or, bake or steam singly in ramekins or custard cups. Rye bread crumbs may be sprinkled in the bottom of the dish and over the eggs for variety, also ground pine nuts.

Rice with Poached Eggs

Steam rice in shallow dish; when done, make depressions for the required number of eggs; break one into each hollow, set dish in steamer for 2 m., or till whites are set, sprinkle with chopped parsley and send to table. Creamed potatoes may be substituted for rice sometimes, and either may be baked in the oven by covering with a pan.

Poached Eggs With Creamed Celery

Put nicely poached eggs on rounds of toast and arrange in a circle on a chop tray; till the center with celery in cream sauce. Garnish with leaves of spinach.