2 eggs 2 tablespns. water salt

Mix yolks, salt and water; beat the whites to a stiff froth with a little salt, and chop into them the yolk mixture. Turn into a hot well oiled pan and set on an asbestos pad back from the direct heat of the fire. Cover and cook until the top will not stick when lightly touched with the finger. It should take from 15 to 20 m. If cooked too rapidly the omelet will fall. Fold, or slide on to a hot dish without folding. Serve plain or with any desired accompaniment.

Sauces 16, 18, 44, 50 or 75 are all suitable for the puff omelet.

If the oven is not too hot, the omelet may be baked, but it should be set on something to keep it from the bottom of the oven and may need to have a pan turned over it. May score across the top with a hot iron when omelet is not folded.

One egg only, makes a nice little omelet. It may be baked in a large muffin ring (or two small) on a griddle and served on a thin slice of toast, with or without cream sauce.

These omelets are delightful and one requires but little practice to attain perfection in them. They will admit of the same variations as the French omelet. . ,

Fruit juices with a little sugar may be substituted for the water sometimes. The water may be omitted.

Omelet may be tinted with tomato, spinach or other colors for variety.

A delightful omelet may be made by mixing 2 teaspns. of pine nut, almond or steamed nut butter with the water.