Beat together 4 eggs, 1/2 cup thin cream, 1/2 teaspn. salt. Pour into oiled tin, place in pan of water; bake slowly until firm. Turn from molds at once.

When paste is to be cut into fancy shapes with vegetable cutters it should not be over 1/4 in. deep in the pans; but if for dice, it may be any depth.

This quantity is sufficient for 6 qts. of soup.

I often tint parts of paste with vegetable or fruit colors, spinach green, parsley, carrots or cranberries.

The left-overs from cutting may be chopped for another soup or a roast.

Use 1 1/2 tablespn. of cream for 1 egg.

Royal may be flavored with onion juice. A little very fine chopped parsley may be added to it before baking.

Consomme is sometimes used in place of cream.

4 yolks of eggs and I white may be used instead of 4 whole eggs with the same quantity of liquid, and rich milk will do instead of cream, but the paste will not be as tender.