Equal quantities mashed lentils and boiled rice or chopped potato, seasoned with sage or onion. Add water or cream and salt. A few soaked and chopped dried olives may be added to the hash.

"The pea and the lentil are roasted in the Mediterranean countries and form there a regular article of food. In India peas are parched in hot sand. The chick-pea, as found by experiment, can be parched over coals in a few moments and thus be made edible. The taste reminds one of pop corn and roasted chestnuts. A slight bitterness is present, due, probably, to the skin which does not slip off in roasting as does the skin of the peanut. When this skin is removed before roasting, as it may be by a half hour's soaking, the product is improved.

Our common split pea is also palatable when parched. Parched peas are too hard for any but the strongest teeth, and, as used in India, they are ground and cooked after parching. The roasted chick-pea is also used as a substitute for coffee.' -Mary Hinman Abel, Farmers' Bulletin No. 121, U. S. Dept. of Agriculture.