Put oil in pan and heat very hot but not smoking. Turn in eggs which have been broken and salted but not beaten. As they set, draw carefully from the bottom of the pan with a spoon without turning over. When all are set but not hard, slide quickly (leaving the shining side up) on to a plate or platter. The dish must be all ready, as a moment's delay will overcook the eggs.

Another Way- Take from I teaspn. to I tablespn. of water (never milk) for each egg; beat, and scramble as above.

Do not stir, just draw the eggs from the bottom of the pan. Cream may be used but the flavor is inferior to the water scramble. Nut cream may be used instead of water.

To Scramble a Large Quantity of Eggs

Break 3 or 4 dozens of eggs into an oiled agate or aluminum kettle, add salt and water, beat slightly and set kettle into hot water. Stir occasionally at first, then more often as eggs begin to set.

Do not try to keep warm long, but make fresh lots as required.