1/2 peck spinach (2 cups cooked). Cook; drain very dry and rub through a fine colander. Add 1 teaspn. oil or melted butter, beat in the yolks of 2 eggs and fold in the whites beaten moderately stiff. Fill well oiled mold about 3/4 full. Set in pan of hot water and bake (covered until nearly done) in moderate or slow oven until firm in the center, 45-60 m. Do not bake too rapidly or too long. When done, set the mold out of the water, let it stand a moment to settle, and invert carefully on to a platter or chop tray. Serve at once with quarters or sixths of lemon or with one of the cream sauces, or with Sauce Americaine.

Baked tomatoes are very suitable for a garnish or accompaniment.