If corn is quite old, grate the outside of each ear on a coarse grater and scrape out the remaining pulp with the back of a knife. Cook carefully in oiled saucepan on ring or asbestos pad, in a small quantity of water 8-12 m. ; add sugar, to give the sweetness of young corn, salt and a little cream, cream sauce or butter. Heat, serve.

When corn is not too old, the nicest way to prepare it is to draw a knife down each row of kernels, then with a large sharp knife cut a thin shaving from each two rows and scrape the pulp from the cob with the back of a knife. Cook the part cut off in boiling water for 5 m., then add the pulp and cook carefully 5-8 m. longer. Season as for grated corn, omitting the sugar if corn is sweet.

In Milk-Cook either way in milk in double boiler 20-30 m., and season as desired.