Stewed Beans

Put red kidney and other beans with tough skins into boiling unsalted water and cook until nearly but not quite tender before adding the salt. Common white, Lima and all beans with tender skins must be put into boiling salted water at first. After a short time of rapid boiling let beans just simmer until tender, then add a little heavy cream and stand back where they will keep hot but will not boil, for a half hour or longer. A little raw nut butter may be cooked with them sometimes, or, cocoanut cream may be substituted for dairy cream.

Red kidney and some of the richer varieties may be served with boiled rice or in a mashed potato border.

Stewed Split Green Peas

Cook peas in salted water 3/4 to 1 hour, add cream, heat and serve. Two parts stewed dried or green sweet corn to one of peas, may be added sometimes.

Flowering Beans

Which have no equal in flavor, should be put into a large quantity of cold water, brought to the boiling point, boiled for 10 m., drained and put to cooking in boiling unsalted water. Add salt when nearly tender. Try them.

Stewed Beans in Bean Sauce

Mash a few of the stewed beans, add cream, or milk and but ter with the water from the beans, more salt if necessary; blend well, pour over remainder of beans, heat. Serve on toast or as preferred.

Stewed Lentils-for people with good digestion

Cook lentils with raw nut butter, onion, garlic, browned flour and salt, until tender, rich and juicy. Serve without mashing with boiled rice or with some of the large sizes of macaroni, cooked.

Lentils may be cooked plain with salt and seasoned with cream or butter at the last.

Ragout of Chick Peas

Soak the peas over night. Cook and cook and cook in the water they were soaked in. When about half done add garlic, onion, a very little browned flour, tomato and salt. Serve with dressing, rice, dumplings-steamed or baked, or on toast.