Stuffed Potatoes

Cut slices off the sides of nicely baked potatoes (if large they may be cut into halves, or they may be cut in two in the middle crosswise, or a piece may be cut off from one end), scrape out the inside, leaving a thin coating of the potato so that the skin will not be broken. Prepare the same as mashed potato and beat very light, refill the skins, brush with cream or sprinkle with crumbs and chopped parsley, set in shallow7 tin and brown on top grate in oven. To serve, arrange on a napkin on a platter, with sprays of parsley.

Meringued Stuffed Potatoes

Add 1 or more yolks of eggs to the mashed potato, fill skins and heat as in preceding recipe, then pile the salted, stiffly-beaten whites of eggs on the tops and brown delicately.