Timbale of Carrot

2 cups mashed carrot 1 pint rich milk

1 teaspn. salt whites 3 eggs

2 teaspns. chopped parsley

Add stiffly-beaten whites of eggs to other ingredients which have been mixed. Bake in buttered mold in pan of water, until firm in center, about 1/2 hour. Let stand a moment after removing from oven, unmold on to platter or chop tray, surround with spinach leaves or garnish with other green and serve with sour sauce.

Corn and Egg Timbale

1 1/4 qt. milk 4 chopped hard boiled eggs

3 cups flour 4 beaten raw eggs

1 pt. corn, drained dry 2 teaspns. chopped onion

2 teaspns. salt 2 teaspns. chopped parsley

Blend flour with 1 pt. of the milk, heat remainder of milk in oiled frying pan, stir in flour, remove from fire, add other ingredients, bake in well oiled mold. Serve with sauce 16, 23, 28, or 31.

Timbales of Corn-individual

1 1/2 cup corn (cut from cob) put through fine chopper 2 eggs salt

1 1/2 tablespn. melted butter

1 pt. hot milk

Set molds in pan of hot water, cover, bake.