For these salads, rich in proteids, the nut dressings are not required. As a rule, lemon juice, lemon juice and salt, or the French dressing with suitable flavorings will be most appropriate. Use the different varieties of Mayonnaise with judgement.

Trumese and Celery Mayonnaise

Take equal quantities (or any proportion desired) of diced trumese and slender crescent slices of celery with a little very fine chopped onion. Mix lightly with improved mayonnaise dressing. Pile in center of lettuce border. Serve. Trumese may have been marinated. Onion may be omitted. Nasturtiums, parsley, fringed celery or other garnishes may be used with or without the lettuce.

Hot Nut Meat Salad

Make a custard of the yolk of one or two eggs or one whole egg, and one cup of rich milk; add salt, a little grated or chopped onion, celery salt if desired and two cups of diced trumese which has been marinated with two tablespns. of oil, I or 2 tablespns. of lemon juice and a little salt. Heat without overcooking the egg. Serve on toast or in the center of large wafers with stalks of fringed celery or with a sprinkling of sliced crisp celery.

Green French Bean and Cucumber Salad

In the center of a lettuce or spinach leaf border place stewed green French beans surrounded by a row of sliced cucumbers. Garnish with white, green or yellow mayonnaise.

The combination of the different shades of green is very pretty. The addition of nasturtiums gives a different effect.

Novel Legume Salads

Prepare different colored legumes according to directions for mashed lentils, p. 185, very dry. Mold in block shaped tins and when cold cut into cubes and serve in any desired border with improved mayonnaise dressing. A rail fence of cucumbers sliced lengthwise may constitute the border. The French dressing may be used, but there is nothing quite equal to a mayonnaise dressing for mashed legumes.

Legume Roses

While warm, press mashed green peas or other legumes (a little softer than for molding) through pastry tube in form of roses. Garnish with a delicate vine and lemon points, or with the yellow mayonnaise.

Helianthus (Sunflower) Mayonnaise

This salad is to be served on individual plates. When it is the principal dish for luncheon, use one egg to each plate, but with a variety of other dishes two eggs will be sufficient for three plates.

Make a deep border of shredded tender lettuce leaves around a gilt edged plate. In the center of the plate, pile as high as possible the yolk of a hard boiled egg which has been pressed through a wire strainer. Surround this with a border of the white which has also been vermicellied. Then drop with a teaspoon improved mayonnaise dressing at frequent regular intervals on the lettuce border. This salad gratifies the senses of both sight and taste.

Salad Marguerite

Cut hard boiled eggs in halves lengthwise. Lay the halves on the vegetable board, the flat side down, and cut each half carefully into four pieces. Remove yolk from pieces, rub through wire strainer, place in center of individual plates and surround with a wreath of shredded lettuce or of tender spinach leaves. Then place pieces of white inside down over the wreath, radiating from the center. Serve with French dressing, or with roses of yellow or green mayonnaise around the outside.

Cottage Cheese and Radish Salad

Surround a molded border of cottage cheese with radish lilies n lettuce, endive, parsley, chervil or spinach border and till the enter with green mayonnaise.

Cottage Cheese and Pear Salad

Pour French dressing in which drained canned pears whole or in halves, have been soaked for an hour or two, over a mound of creamy cottage cheese. Surround with the pears and garnish with geranium leaves or ferns. Serve with crackers or cocoanut crisps.

Additional Combinations To be served with any preferred dressing.

Baked or stewed California or red kidney or green French beans and string beans.

Lima beans and eggs.

Baked beans and chopped cabbage.

Beans and tomatoes.

Halves or quarters of hard boiled eggs on lettuce-salad entrée or improved mayonnaise dressing.

Cottage cheese mixed with sliced celery in balls or molds.

Cottage cheese and lettuce-salad entrée dressing.

Cottage cheese, apple and mint-English dressing, or with lemon juice and sugar.

Cottage cheese and dried or fresh apple sauce (quite dry)- cream dressing-sweet. ,

Cottage cheese and drained stewed or canned cherries- cream dressing-sweet.

Cottage cheese and tomatoes.